Our annual subscription plans are for 12 months guarantee and the service cost can be refunded within 30 days from the day the plan is purchased by the customer. But the amount is only refunded when we receive the request for the same from the customer.

The payment is refunded in case you are not satisfied with our service or our professionals are unable to fix the issue. Under various circumstances, we facilitate refund policy as follows:

30 days money refund policy with the following terms and conditions.

For Yearly/Small Business Plans


  • Full amount will be refunded when the refund request is made within 30 days from the date the plan was purchased.
  • The refundable amount is not applicable for per incidence plans.
  • You are not available for the refund 30 days after the subscription plan was purchased.

Refunds Are Accepted Only Under The Following Circumstances:

  1. Engineers not able to fix the issue even when your account is active and you have all the stipulations required to fix the issue
  2. The issue is not under the scope of the particular plan.
  3. The issue aroused again within 30 days after the solution provided by Apple Support Numbers.
  4. No issue is resolved or ticket closed in the past under unlimited plans.

Users Responsibility in Regards to Obtaining Services

You agree that you will cooperate with the technicians of Apple Support Numbers:

We will do our level best for providing the most effective and best support to you. Even most complex issues will be resolved as a result of close cooperation between you and our engineers. You will require attending to our engineers in a proper way and performing according to their instructions.

You need to attend our technicians in proper manner while following their instructions accordingly.

You must ensure whether the following conditions are correct:

The conditions giving rise to the question, is reproducible on a particular system, i.e. one central processing unit, with its work terminals and other peripherals.

  • You should have basic knowledge of hardware system, and software involved
  • You should have understanding of the situations surrounding the event
  • Hardware and software should be available with you with access for you without any restrictions during any telephonic discussions with the technician of Apple Support Numbers.

Software/Data Backup:

You accept and acknowledge that Apple Mac Support Phone Number +1-800-726-0294, under no circumstances, will be legally answerable for any data lost or corrupt software. We at Apple Support Numbers strongly recommend you to always backup data with our disaster recovery plan.

Account, password and security:

In order to place a plan order, you will be required to complete the registration procedure by providing us with current and correct information required at the time of registration process.

To create the login details, choose your name and password. You can create the password of your choice and keep to yourself. You don’t need to disclose it. You are solely responsible for keeping the privacy of your password.

Data Backup

It is your responsibility to backup all your data, information, text and other materials before ordering the services. The data may include customer data, software stored on your computer and storage media files.

You in a full conscious mind accept that Apple Support Numbers or Apple Mac Customer Support Number or its partner under no circumstances is responsible at any time for any loss or exploitation of your data, hardware and software that may be a result of the services.

Apple Mac Technical Support Number can use and prevent any information that you provide to Apple Support Numbers when you request for the refund and come under this refund policy. We are committed to maintaining your secrecy at any cost.

If we ask for some details about you in order to recognize you when you use our website, you need to make certain your information will be used only for the purpose of refund policy statement.

Apple Support Numbers retains the right to modify or change the refund policy from time-to-time. To be aware of this change, you need to check our refund policy page from time to time.