The ways not to miss upcoming airdrops

In mid-October, over 100,000 initial participants received approximately 20 million APT tokens through an airdrop from the Aptos Foundation. Some lucky individuals received the equivalent of $6,000 in cryptocurrency.

However, many community members either found out about the airdrop too late or failed to meet the deadlines for eligibility.

If you missed out and feel disappointed, don't worry! Here are three more exciting airdrops to explore.


Despite previously stating that no airdrops were planned, it seems that the network will conduct one after all. SUI testnet users can expect to receive tokens via airdrop from the layer-one chain. Install the SUI wallet browser extension and fill it with testnet SUI tokens to increase your odds of being selected for the airdrop. Obtain these tokens for free through the SUI faucet or SUI Discord server. Then, return to your SUI wallet, select the "Apps" option, and engage with as many as possible.

Next up is zkSync.

This L2 rollup provides Ethereum with scaling and privacy solutions. Numerous rumors circulate online about its potential airdrop and participation instructions.

In short, you must interact with the zkSync testnet, perform specific bridging actions, and engage with various decentralized apps and wallet services. Their Twitter channel offers more details.

Last on the list - BeraChain.

BeraChain, an EVM-compatible Layer ONE, recently announced an airdrop for Bera, its native token. An ERC-721 non-transferable token may also be distributed via airdrop.

Participating in the BeraChain airdrop is more challenging than the previous two.

One option is to purchase an NFT from the "Bong Bears" collection. While this is considered the simplest method, be aware that the current price is around 115 ETH, which is quite expensive.

Alternatively, secure a spot on their honeylist, also known as a Discord role, to qualify for airdrops.

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How can I stay updated on upcoming airdrops?

Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you stay informed about upcoming crypto, NFT, or token airdrops:

Increase your engagement on Twitter and pay close attention to updates from crypto communities and companies.

Use hashtags like #airdrop and #giveaway to discover new opportunities.

Follow social media platforms and online resources that share news about cryptocurrencies.