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How to Use Apple Pay?

The cuteness about Apple Pay is that it is classically, simple and elegant. Developed by Apple Inc, it is very simple and exquisite, consolidating the technology you have already had. It is a perfect mobile payment option and the digital wallet service. It is a one-step instalment procedure, packed with watertight security feature, more secure than traditional chip and PIN. If Apple Pay would not be available, paying in stores within apps and websites in Safari would have never been safer, easier and more private. Just put your iPhone near any NEC card terminal and rest your finger on its Touch ID sensor will work.

how to use Apple Pay

If you are new to Apple Pay, and don’t know how to use Apple Pay, this blog is worth a read. This will help you make the complete of the application and pay for goods, services and make your payment easier than ever.

6 Methods to How to use Apple Pay

Below is a list of steps that will help you use the Apple Pay.

Install Apple Pay

The first and foremost thing is to install Apply Pay

Open Setting App

Second step is to open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Wallet & Apply Pay

Now, you need to choose the Wallet and Apple Pay option. This will help you open your device wallet.

Add a Credit Card

This step includes selecting the ‘Add a credit or debit card. This will help you add participating cards to Apply Pay.

Fill the payment details

Once you add the card, it will scan process automatically. It will take a single minute. Wait for that moment. Once the scanning card is complete, fill the payment detail.

Verify Card

No step ahead and verify your card. Depending on your bank, you may be able to get a text to verify your card. Or else, you may need to call your bank in order to activate your card for Apple Pay.


By following all these steps, you can easily use Apple App and make the payment option hassle-free. But if you still want technical support to get proper assistance, connect With Apple Pay Support Team for Immediate Help.

Call our Apple Support Team for quick help

Apple Tech Support Number

If you have any problem in using Apply App even after reading this article, call our apple pay support technicians. You will be informed and guided to use the app comfortably. Besides this, our engineers will also give your proper online support by various modes, such Phone Support, Remote technical support for apple pay. So, don’t worry but just take your phone, dial Apple Tech Support number and get prompt assistance for Apple Pay issues or errors.