iTunes Error Code 11

Step-by-Step Guides to Fix iTunes Error Code 11

There is no wrong if we say that iTunes is ‘all in all’ of iOS device. It is the primary centre to communicate with an iOS device through a computer. In fact, it is the software which helps fix any issue of the iOS device by just plugging in the device to a computer with iTunes and restore it. This is really an extremely effective way to fix most of the issues.

What if the iTunes itself fails to response? Or what if it shows error 11, interfering with the restore process? It’s really very irritating as you cannot resort the device, and thus the original problem will remain unresolved.

Fix iTunes Error Code 11

Don’t worry; we have brought the solutions for you. Read this blog, and step-by-step guides to Fix iTunes Error Code 11.

iTunes Error 11

iTunes error 11 occurs when you restore your device. When you connect the device to iTunes to fix the issue, it may display a message in iTunes ‘an unknown error occurred’. This may indicate that you are using an outdated iTunes version or the firmware you have downloaded is corrupt on incompatible.

Let’s go ahead and know the tips to fix iTunes Error 11

Solutions to Fix iTunes Error Code 11

  • At times, the iTunes errors are due to the hardware problems. This is why, Apple recommends to follow the following steps.
  • Update iTunes:The first and foremost thing is to make sure whether you have updated the iTunes. In other words, you should use the latest version of iTunes. If it’s not the latest version, update the iTunes then try again.
  • Update the Computer: It may be that the computer you are using has not updated driver. It can be the cause of the error. Check the computer and make sure if it is up to date. If it’s outdated, get the latest driver.
  • USB devices: Unplug extra USB devices connected to the PC. This causes hindrance in communication. The cable conflicts and the PC does not respond properly. Unplug any needless cable from the computer and give a try once again.
  • Restart the Computer: Many times a casual reboot of the computer can fix many issues. It is recommended to restart both, the computer and the device. Check if the issue has been resolved.
  • Check anti-malware program: It may be that due to the extreme network activity, your firewall program blocks the iTunes’ direct access. If this so, turn off firewall for the time being.

iTunes Support Number

Call us 1-800-726-0294 to Fix iTunes Error Code 11 by Expert technician

iTunes error 11 is a critical issue, but it can be resolved by following the aforesaid tips. If the issue still persists, it is advisable to call our iTunes support number to Fix iTunes Error Code 11. Our customer support services is open round the clock and our technicians provide top solutions at any time. Don’t waste the time till the issue turns from bad to worse. Dial our number and get the instant solutions. We will troubleshoot the issue immediately.