Fix Apple iTunes Error 3014

How to Fix Apple iTunes Error 3014?

Apple iTunes error 3014 is among the most common errors users happen to face. The problems occur when a reset phone performs wrongly. Most commonly, iTunes is diagnosed with error 3014 because of a communication issue between the Apple servers and the computer. It comes to happen when iOS or Apple gets stuck during the process of update. If you experience the same problem while updating or restoring, this blog is worth a read. Go through it, as it consists of excellent solutions to fix Apple iTunes Error 3014. Read it, and follow the instructions.

Apple iTunes Error 3014

Things to Know to Fix Apple iTunes Error 3014:

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Get the Latest Version of iTunes

First of all make sure that you have the lasted version of iTunes in your iPhone. If it’s not updated, then download and install it. The out of date iTunes can lead to have improper connection. There will a conflict between versions of iTunes and iOS.

PC Date and Time

Verify the date and time of your PC. The Apple iTunes error 3014 may lead to breed problems due to the wrong date and time of your computer. This will further lead to have internet connectivity issue. For this, you need to first set the correct time zone and date on your PC and fix the error. On the task bar, go to the right bottom, and change the date and time. Once it is done, restart your system and try using iTunes again.

Checking Internet Connectivity

Another way is to check your internet connectivity. Poor net connection can also cause the error code 3014. Your iTunes may fail to reach on your PC and cannot reach the Apple servers. Make that the PC network settings or router doesn’t block them. Verify it again.

Using Free TunesCare Repair Tool

You can use free TunesCare repair tool if the aforesaid solutions don’t help you fix the error 3014. It’s an iTunes repair tool available for free. By using this, you can fix all iTunes synchronizing and iTunes errors.

In order to use this free tool, follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, install iTunes repair tool
  • You can find it on
  • Once installed, connect your device to your PC
  • Hit on “Fix iTunes Sync Problems”
  • TunesCare will automatically start to repair the corrupted iTunes
  • The iTunes syncing issue will be resolved

Once you follow all the procedures, check if the error has been fixed. If the issue persists, then get ahead and call customer support team to get quick solutions.

Apple Customer Support Number to Fix Apple iTunes Error 3014 Get Immediate Solutions  Apple Customer Support Number

If your issue is not resolved, call our Apple Customer Support Number +1-800-726-0294. We are available at any time. So no matter when you encounter the issue, we will give you top solutions immediately. Your single call to us will enable you to contact certified and experienced Apple Customer Support team that can handle any type of Apple iTunes issues. Besides, you can also contact us through live chat, remote support or emails.