Create an apple id on iphone

How to create an Apple ID on your iPhone?

Apple is one of the most renowned brands all over the globe having millions of users. Creating an Apple ID on the iPhone is a simple procedure. You can follow some easy steps to create Apple ID on your iPhone which is suggested by Apple Technical Team.

Create apple id on iphone

Steps to create Apple ID on your iPhone:

  • Open the settings on your device
  • Tap on “Sign in to your iPhone” at the top of the screen. If you are using an older version of iOS then click on “iCloud and then on “Create a new Apple ID”
  • Then Tap on “Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it”
  • Click on “Create Apple ID”
  • Now enter your birthday details in the respective fields
  • Tap “Next”
  • Then enter your First Name and Last Name in the respective fields
  • Again tap “Next”
  • Now choose an email address to use
  • Tap “Use your current email address” if you want to use an existing email address
  • If you want to create a new iCloud email address then tap “Get a free iCloud email address” and follow onscreen instructions
  • Type in your email address which will be your Apple ID
  • Then tap on “Next”
  • Type in your password (at least characters) and verify it
  • Then tap “Next”
  • Choose your country if it’s not auto-filled
  • Then, type in your Phone number
  • Choose a verification method from Text message or Phone Call methods
  • Tap “Next” and then type in the six-digit verification code you have received. Again, click “Next”
  • Tap “Send by Email” to Review the terms and conditions if you wish to receive it by email.
  • Then tap “Agree” in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Again tap “Agree” if you are not automatically signed in to iCloud and type in your email address that you used to create an Apple ID and the password into the respective fields.
  • Tap “sign in” on the upper right corner of the screen and it will display the message “Signing into iCloud”
  • Now, type in the Passcode of iPhone which is an unlock code you have set while setting up of your device.
  • Merge your data if you want to connect it to the data stored on your iPhone by tapping on “Merge” and if not then tap on “Don’t Merge”. Now you have created your Apple ID successfully on your iPhone.

If you find any issue while performing these steps or need any other guidance, contact experts for right assistance.

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