Get Expert Guides to Fix Apple Error Code 30886

how to fix apple error 30886

Are you receiving an Error Code 30886 while connecting a wireless printer to the internet on your Mac? Are you looking for solutions about how to fix apple error 30886? If so, worry not. As we have brought the most comprehensive solutions through this blog post. By knowing these tips, you can easily solve this issue yourself. In case, you cannot fix it, we will give you another option. To know the tips and other options, read this blog.

Reset the Printing System

Your journey to troubleshoot this problem will start by resetting the printing system. For this, you will need to follow these step by step guides.

  • Go to “System Preferences” on your Mac
  • Choose “Print & Scan” option
  • Right click on the rectangle listing
  • Reset Printing System” option
  • Once you are done, choose the plus sign
  • And re-add a printer
  • Now, pick up the “Default” tab
  • It’s available on the top of your Mac window
  • Find for the printer, and select it, and then next to the “Use” pulldown.
  • Choose the printer model (not AirPrint).

Once you perform these activities, wait for a few minutes, and then hit the “Add” button. You’re your printer is fixed. You can print any document.

how to fix apple error 30886

Other option

If the first step does not help you, try this option. It includes downloading and Installing Printer Drivers. Remember, outed version of printer can cause this issue.

  • Try to update the latest printer drivers for Mac.
  • Reinstall or upgrade to your Printer with a new version of OS X.
  • Download the latest printing and scanning software for OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion.

These steps will help you resolve the problems. But if the problem persists, you should call our technicians before letting it turn to be more dreadful.

Dial our Mac Technical Support Number to Fix Apple Error 30886:

It’s sometimes difficult for users to fix Apple Error 30886. In that case, we suggest you to contact us by calling our apple support number. We are a team of expert technicians, customer service executives and administrators. The best part is that we are available round the clock. So you can call us anytime and our technical experts will entertain you by providing complete guides to deal with printer error 30886 on Mac. Therefore, call our toll-free number and get the reliable and high-quality solutions.

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