Apple Error Code 1671

Apple Error Code 1671: Find Expert Solutions to Fix It

Error code 1671 is one of the most common problems faced by many iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users. The problem happens most probably during updating, restoring devices with Apple server or through iTunes. There are many reasons that lead to cause this problem such as incompatible iTunes version, lack of renovation, outdated operating system, old antivirus, virus filtration. Some more reasons include outdated invalid anti-virus, anti-virus infected by viruses, several USB controllers connected to the computer, and the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch connected via a USB HUB too slow, etc. Luckily, there are ways to fix Apple error code 1671. Follow the below mentioned few repair procedures.

Apple Error Code 1671

Steps to Repair Apple Error Code 1671:

We are giving you some easy to follow instructions. Before applying any of these strategies, make sure your device is connected to your computer.

Disable antivirus:

First of all make sure you have disabled the antivirus programs, other Antivirus or malware bytes.

Then find ‘host file’.

Follow the below mentioned tips to find the file from Windows PC and Mac Computer

Windows PC :-

  1. Go to “My Computer” and your C: / DRIVE.
  2. Then go to Windows, followed by rading “System 32”,
  3. Ten “Drivers” and find the “Hosts” file.
  4. Once you are able find the file, drag the host file to desktop.

Remember the path where the host file was located as you will need to keep back the file the same location.

Mac Computer :-

  • Go to the “Finders” menu bar
  • Choose “Go”, and then “Go To Folder”
  • In the Box, type the location “/private/etc/hosts” and then hit “Enter” key.
  • Next, a new Finder window will open your hosts file
  • Drag the host’s file into your desktop

Make sure you will need to put the hosts file back in this same place. So remember the path where the file was located.

Restore your iOS Device

Once you drag the ‘Host’ file to the desktop, you will need to open your iTunes and restore your iOS device like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

These instructions will help you solve the error code 1671. If you, however, encounter the same issue, you need a professional technical expert.

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